*links to join are below*

Here’s How To Join Our Team…

these are the steps to join the Ethereum Program within Forsage

Watch These Videos First

Step 1)

DOWNLOAD Crypto.com App From Your App Store.  Use This Referral Code So You Can Get A Bonus Extra $50 In Your Account (get your sponsors affiliate link). 

In This App You Will Set Up You Identity Within The App. Be Patient when setting this up because it could take a couple days to get your final verification and approval back.

You are going to need your drivers license and they will ask you to take a picture of the back and front and a selfie of yourself for verification…

For those people who live in New York you can’t use Crypto.com so a good alternative is Coinbase…

Watch the video below to install Coinbase…



Step 2)

DOWNLOAD Token Pocket App from your app store (it will have a T and a P on it) After it is downloaded, you will be asked to create a wallet. Pick Ethereum (symbol is a diamond ♦️ shape see above).

Then you will create a password and SAVE password. Write those 12 mnemonic words down on paper. DO NOT save them on your phone or computer for safety.

Click on the TokenPocket logo below to watch a video on how to get started with TP…

Step 3)

BUY YOUR ETHEREUM. Go into Crypto dot com App and watch this video below of how to buy your ETH.


To note: If you are using a credit card, American Express, AARP and Allianz are the only credit cards that will allow you to purchase crypto smoothly. You can also use your debit card as well.

Step 4)

Now, we will TRANSFER YOUR ETHEREUM from Crypto.com App to Token Pocket App.

Watch videos for details on how:

First: Connect Token Pocket with Crypto. Com

Second: Move ETHs to Token Pocket

Once your Ethereum has transferred from Crypto .com App to your Token Pocket App, it will show a balance.

Step 5)

CONNECT TO FORSAGE. In your Token Pocket App, look for the word DAPP at the top. Click on the words DAPP and it will bring up a search bar.

Plug this link into there:https://forsage.io/i/1yqodz

This will connect you into your back office of Forsage. It will ask you to register and make an account.

Be sure my ID # matches what you see (Get your sponsors ID)

Once you are on the Forsage dashboard you will first be asked to buy your first two slots right away.

Step 6)

BUY SMART CONTRACTS/SLOTS. Now we can start opening/buying your smart contracts.

You will alternate from matrix 3x and 4x with buying the slots. They will turn into a teal color.

Once you buy all the boxes up to the level you want, you will then get a red box at the top. That red box indicates you don’t have sufficient funds at that point.

This means you have completed buying for your on boarding time period.

Once all the buying is done up to the level your business partner wants, you can invite them to the paid FB group and the Telegram Chat.

Step 7)

Set Up The Telegram Forsage Notifier


Invite them to Telegram


Invite them to Paid Members Group

Invite them to Prospect Group if They Aren’t Already In There

Welcome Post for New Members
(Goes in Prospecting Group)

Please help me give a HUGE Congrats and Welcome to !!??

She has joined us at Level 1️ in x3 and x4‼️

? Congratulations!!! I am so excited to be on this journey with you, let’s CRUSH this!! ??

I know you are going to continue to progress up this Matrix and I look forward to celebrating all of your success!

Welcome to the Crypto space!??

Get ready to make some money!? ??

Earnings Disclosure…

The earnings shown on this page are here to show you what is possible and not meant to be interpreted as a promise or guaranteeing a level of income that you will experience. Individual results will vary. While there is unlimited earning potential in this project, earning potential of each person is entirely dependent on the person participating in the project. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Your level of success will depend on the time you devote to the project, your financial contribution, your resources, knowledge and various skills. Moreover, we are not financial advisors and anything we say is not to be taken as financial advice. It is just our opinion.